Our People

At Gallatin Systems, quality is of the utmost importance. Quality people, quality software and quality results.

We are committed to working with your organization devise and implement solutions that best fit your needs. We love technology, but we're not zealots for any specific one. In every case, the needs of our customers are our first priority and we will work with you to select the technologies that will mesh with your current technology stack and support capabilities.

We have extensive experience building large enterprise systems, internet-scale applications and media management systems. Our engineers have worked on diverse mission-critical systems including digital video transcode/transport systems, custom content management systems, SOAP and REST based service oriented architectures, 2-screen Interactive TV applications, finance and reporting systems, satellite distribution systems, analytics and tracking systems, rules engines, data warehouses and enterprise service bus implementations.

Management Team

Dru Borden, President and CEO

Christopher Fagiani, Vice President of Engineering